Daddy Chase Barebacks Freddy Roman

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Young Freddy Roman is too tempting for Daddy Hudson Chase, who decides to make a move on the Latin boy. Freddy can’t resist the touch of a big hairy man and pretty soon the two are naked in the bedroom and sucking on each other’s cock. Once the guys are rock hard, Daddy Chase fingers that Latin ass, signaling his intent to fuck Freddy. Daddy slides his cock in raw and barebacks the boy in as many positions as his young ass can take. With Freddy’s hole full of Daddy cum, he kicks back and strokes out a load all over his belly, a sight that pleases his hairy and tattooed top.

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Thiago Castro Fucks Robert Lambertinni

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Thiago Castro is hanging out in his house when Robert Lambertinni shows up and the two go at each other. Sucking off Thiago is a major task, but Robert does better at it than most. Robert deep throats Thiago, before he offers his ass up for Thiago to fuck deep.

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Double Penetrating Latin Boy Elmo

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Chuy enjoyed playing with bottom boy Elmo so much he decides to invite his friend Rico over so they could share his skinny ass. Elmo is turned on by rough treatment and these two big Latin boys give him exactly what he wants. Chuy takes the boy’s ass first, barebacking him in a hot spit roast. Next Rico wants a turn at the hole, fucking Elmo while he sucks on Chuy’s ass juiced fat cock. To make things more interesting, both Latin tops fuck their bottom boy at the same time. By the time his cum is pumping, little Elmo has been double penetrated in several positions and we have enjoyed some great close-ups.

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Str8 Dante Wants To Cum

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In this session, Dante keeps his clothes on, and takes his cock out as he starts watching an intense porn video. Vinnie takes a few still pictures of him as he gets hard and then he strokes himself for a while. Dante mentions how the blond in the movie really knows how to suck cock, so Vinnie figures that’s his cue. He pulls his pants down, and after sucking his dick, Dante starts to breath heavy. Soon, Vinnie strokes out several big loads of Latin cum.

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Latin Double Penetration Threesome Fuck

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When Tadeo Vega and Karlos Night meet, they begin making out. Tommy Morris sees the two and feels his cock starting to get hard. After watching them Tommy decides to join in. He, with a mouth full of Karlos, shares the fun with Tadeo. As Karlos fingers Tadeo, Tommy tugs on his massive dick. Tadeo gets on his back, with Tommy straddling him, and Karlos takes turns fucking each. Tommy is double penetrated from both ends. While enjoying a ride on Karlos’s big dick, Tommy blows his cum load deep in Tadeo, who rides Karlos until he climaxes. With some help from Tadeo and Tommy, Karlos releases his cum on Tadeo’s back.

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Jared and Sabastian Fuck

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Cute Latin twink Sabastian is taking a shower, when Jared decides to join him. What follows is an awesome dick sucking session between these two sexy young guys, and an equally impressive power fuck, which Jared delivers to the boyish Latin bottom’s little ass. By the time these two are done, little Sabastian is splattered with cum from cock to nipples and has a big smile on his cute face.

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Sexy Latin Boys Fucking

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Sexy Latin boys Diego and Santiago are on the floor, where the top is getting his big uncut cock sucked. Once rock hard and ready, he slides in from behind and starts fucking his young bottom. We enjoy some great close-ups of the anal action, as these two twink Latinos try several fuck positions. This hot Latin gay fuck scene closes with the boys back on the floor and two cum shots on the top’s smooth belly.

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Hairy Spanish Stud Dildo Jacking

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Young Spanish stud Elio Guzman enters a shed, already hard and eager for a self inflicted ass fucking. Stripping off, his hairy chest looks hot, as does his toned six-pack and stiff cock. Raising his hips to give us a peek at his ass, Elio eventually jumps up to choose his sex toy that’s soon going to be inside him. As he fucks himself on a chair, his butt opens up perfectly for us. Having taken as much as he can, his ass is still hungry for more, and a strange Christmas tree shaped dildo is the next weapon he submits himself to. His ass swallows as much as it can, causing him to shoot a thick load sooner than he thought, leaving his hairy body coated in cum.

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Latin Bathhouse Sex Orgy

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Sexy Spaniard Macanao Torres finds himself in a threesome with Juan Lopez and Elio Guzman. The hairy hunk is busy sucking Juan’s uncut cock, while Elio makes a meal out of Macanao’s dick. Soon, Juan is sitting beside Macanao and Elio bounces back and forth between the two while Juan and Macanao kiss. Elio gorges himself on Latin meat, deepthroating them like a hungry sex pig. He keeps on sucking, even as the doorbell rings in the background and two other patrons are let in. Then, as Macanao starts rimming Elio, spit roasting him onto Juan’s cock, they get a bit of an audience. Next thing you know another threeway is in session, while Juan and Macanao skewer Elio between them, tag teaming his holes until they blow their loads all over Elio.

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Latin Boy Gets Fucked

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Aspen is new and Santiago is here to help break this college boy in. These two horny guys love to fuck ass and suck cock and they don’t hold back as they cover each other in cum.

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Logan and Alessio Bareback Flip Fuck

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Logan Stevens and Alessio Romero waste no time in getting down to business. Logan savors the taste of Alessio’s hairy ass, while Alessio sucks on Logan’s uncut cock. Neither can wait to fuck the other, and once they feel a raw cock pounding and drilling hard there‘s no stopping them. Logan cums all over himself, just as Alessio is unloading on his hole and breeding it deep into him. Not a drop is wasted as they lick each other clean and share the cum.

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Dano Fucks Mauro

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After Latinos Dano and Mauro suck dick, Dano fucks balls deep, as the bottom moans and holds on. As the camera gives us some great close-up shots, Mauro has his legs in the air, and he’s more than happy with what’s between them. Dano blows all over his partner’s asshole and the two enjoy a taste.

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